The problem is most people do not have an entire team of professionals helping them with their money.  The extremely wealthy usually have a group of highly paid consultants, including a tax attorney, an investment specialist, a banker, a mortgage broker, an estate planning attorney, a CPA and an insurance guru all sitting around the table helping manage their financial affairs.  Comprehensive and coordinated advice such as this could cost thousands of dollars every time those professionals got together.

Contrast that with how most middle class and middle class millionaires make their financial decisions.  They also have access to the above professionals but rarely, if ever, have them in one room at the same time working on their financial issues. It is done piecemeal with little or no communication or interaction between advisors.

RGV Retirement Solutions LLC feels everyone needs this same type of comprehensive, coordinated advice when making financial decision as the very wealth enjoy because the world, as we know it today, is just too darn complicated.  And, furthermore, we don’t think our clients should have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get it.  That’s why RGV Retirement Solutions LLC exists.  We assist people, just like you, to get the same type of comprehensive, coordinated advice that was previously only available to the very wealthy.

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