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In the real world, to make a financial decision, whether about a product or a strategy, is STRESSFUL and uses your most precious commodity – TIME!

Why is this? What usually happens is you are left to contact the various financial professionals and coordinate their services to accomplish what you want. You have the best intentions but NO TIME due to the frantic pace of your day to day life.

Prove it. Ask yourself, when was the last time you had all your advisors (CPA, Attorney, Insurance Agent, Mortgage Broker, Banker, Real Estate Agent, Uncle Bill, etc.) in one room? Working on what YOU wanted for your finances, family, and future security?

Whenever I ask that question, I always get one answer. NEVER!

Those financial advisors (even Uncle Bill) work hard for you. However, they are, in most cases, working independently of each other.

Do you think some details are being overlooked? An “i” not dotted or a “t” not crossed? Perhaps a tax strategy is implemented incorrectly? How much money are you possibly losing by your advisors not coordinating with each other? Those are REAL dollars, transferred away. In many cases, you do not even know it is happening.

YOU can enjoy LESS STRESS and have MORE TIME to be with the people you care for most and do the things you love to do.

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