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Welcome to RGV Retirement Solutions LLC

RGV Retirement Solutions LLC is a comprehensive financial service advisory firm located in Edinburg, TX.

Our clients have chosen to work with us because of our commitment, creativity and truthfulness in serving as a resource for their financial security.

What this means to the clients we serve is we help them stay focused and follow-through on what they have determined is important to them.

Please feel free to explore this site to gain a better understanding of our firm and how we assist our clients in achieving what we hope is a lifetime of financial organization and optimization.RGV Retirement Solutions LLC

Our Services

  • Estate Planning

    Reviewing your estate plan and working with your attorney if necessary to help update and modify your estate as needed.

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  • Insurance Planning

    We can work with you to help protect assets against financial loss due to death, disability or personal liability.

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  • Tax Planning

    Working to maximize after-tax gains, minimize losses, and structuring your portfolio with your individual situation in mind.

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  • Investment Planning

    Develop a personalized portfolio that helps protect your assets and work towards your financial goals.

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  • Wealth Preservation Planning

    We strive to preserve your wealth and help to maintain your quality of life as you reach or continue into retirement.

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  • Lifestyle Planning

    Help set realistic, achievable savings goals and a lifestyle to “enjoy the journey” and help realize the lifestyle of your dreams.

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Traditionally, the approach within the financial services world has been segregated. High net worth families receive holistic planning. They have a CPA or accountant, a broker or investment manager, an insurance agent, and an attorney. All of these professionals work together to create a plan on behalf of that high net worth family. Contrast that with the middle class and middle-class millionaires; they too have all of these professionals, but they all operate in silos. There is little to no communication or interaction amongst these professionals on their clients’ behalf.


We believe it is essential for the middle class and middle-class millionaires to have access to a well-coordinated and holistic financial planning experience, and we have made it our mission to provide those services.


Whether you have a quick question, or would like to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation,We are available to assist you. If you are not an existing client, we provide everyone an initial complimentary consultation to determine if there is a mutual fit to work together.

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Plan for Your Prosperity

With our unique approach, we provide the personalized care, professional expertise and active support to help eliminate dangers and capture opportunities. With “The Prosperity Planner” we provide an uncommon breadth of service to guide you in all areas of your financial well-being including wealth and risk management, tax and estate planning and active investment advice.

Learn More About Your Money’s Prosperity
  • The Value Creation Conversation™

    Focus on the future. Your vision and priorities are the center of our process. In this first step, we learn about the future you want, your commitment to achieving it and map it to our process-driven capabilities. We introduce you to our client-centered philosophy and identify which of our two service models would benefit you the most.

  • The Partnership Builder™

    Together we’re better. Knowing your current situation helps us determine how best to help you reach your desired future. In step two, we gather the necessary information to create a comprehensive and customized plan by evaluating your unique needs and personalized preferences.

  • The Prosperity Gameplan™

    Activate your plan. Your customized Prosperity Gameplan is introduced. In step three, we walk you through the strategies and options that will help you reach your goals. With your confident consent, we put the wheels in motion, focused on your future.

  • The Coach Contribution™

    Serve as advocates. An active plan performs best when it is reviewed regularly, and in this step we draw from established resources, capabilities and experience to keep your gameplan aligned with your desired future. Through consistent communication and convenient availability, we make your prosperous future our business.